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Sir Top'm Hat gets a new hat and starts
work at Raspberry Pi Junction at Mile Post 314

The hardware I have designed an add on circuit board for the Raspberry Pi to control stall motor turnout motors. This board uses a quad op-amp circuit to drive a quad output transistor to drive the motors. It also features a 74AHCT00 Quad 2-input Nand Gate IC, wired as a pair of RS Flip-Flops to […]


N Scale signals

I have assembled the N scale signals for the Two Siding Oval layout. This assembly consists of a BLMA Models #1000 non-operating N Signal Head (mounted on a piece of styrene), a length of fiber optic cable (Mouser #630-HFBR-RNS001Z), a two color (red/green) LED (Mouser # 696-SSLLX5099GIWCA), and a small circuit board containing series dropping […]


Coming Soon

I am about to build a pair of demo Model Railroad layout modules: A 2’x6′ N scale oval layout, with a pair of passing sidings. This layout is designed to run two trains in opposite directions. It will be automated using a computer (using parts of the Model Railroad System), using modules from Azatrax to […]


Conversion Complete

I have completed the conversion of my old Tcl/CGI based personal site to WordPress. Soon I will be adding new content! WordPress will make this much easier than it was for the old site.


Personal Site converted to WordPress

I have converted my personal site from a CGI/Tcl powered site to a WordPress site, using the Techozoic Fluid theme (V 1.8.7) by Jeremy Clark. I still have four pages of pictures to convert over, but this should be done in a day or two.