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Some of the random little things I have built or am working on.

What is NOW on the bench… Last Updated: Thu Aug 31 11:30:12 PM EDT 2006.

LJ and BS layout. Last Updated: Tue Jun 10 10:10:41 AM EDT 2003.

400′ H0 Warren Thru Truss Bridge.
Last Updated: Tue Jun 10 10:13:28 AM EDT 2003. Hardcopy formats:
PDF (GZiped) or Postscript (GZiped).

Notes on making HO scale EMD FL9 locos from Atlas FP7 locos.
Last Updated: Tue Jun 10 01:55:22 PM EDT 2003.

I have recently been scratch building EMD FL9 Diesel-Electric/Electric locos following the instructions in Shoreliner (Issue 3, Volume 15), but needed to do a few things differently from the article, partly due to changes Atlas made in the FP7s they currently sell and do to changes AMTRAK made to the original NH FL9s (I’m modeling AMTRAK’s FL9s).

A pair of old ALCO passenger units in AMTRAK Phase I

A pair of old ALCO passenger units in AMTRAK Phase I

A pair of old ALCO passenger units in AMTRAK Phase I

These are two of my small fleet (4 PA-1s, 2 PB-1s, all Athearn, some powered, some dummies) of ALCO passenger units in AMTRAK Phase I — I know, AMTRAK never owned any of these models, but they are nice looking locos.

A silly Fish Tank program written in Tcl/Tk that seems to have become requested by many people interested in background hackery in Tcl/Tk.

I wrote this silly program as part of experimenting with animation in Tcl/Tk. It uses the "after" command to implement the background movement of a batch of randomly generated fish in a fish tank constructed from a Tk Canvas widget. Something to run when you are totally bored. Oh, you will probably have to edit the first line to reflect where wish is installed on your system. New — updated for Tcl/Tk 8.0. It also automagically figures out where the wish executable is.

Like above, but Tux is hungry and has jumped into the tank!

A variation on the Fish program — help Tux (the Linux Penguin) catch some fish. This uses a custom pointer cursor (make from Larry Ewing’s B&W Penguin (http://www.isc.tamu.edu/~lewing/linux/)). Click on a fish and the fish vanishes and a short phrase appears. Don’t worry! When all of the fish are "eaten" more are generated. Endless fun for 3 year old in all of us!

This is a model of a Klingon Bird Of Prey I built to guard the last DECStation still running in the CVRL. The machine is named "klingon". Update: klingon the machine has been retired. All of us klingons have moved to a new system, athos. Yes, the last decstation has finally been retired.Update:Since I have been laid off from UMass, athos has been retired as well. The bird of prey in somewhere in my workshop.

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