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Don't Panic Hello,
I am Robert Heller and I used to be the main systems guru for the Computer Vision Research Lab in the Computer Science Department at the University of Massachusetts. I am noted for some strong opinions about computer operating systems.

Check out my online resume. All sorts of interesting factoids of my life.

I have a small shareware and consulting business and I also fiddle around in my workshop. I take pictures of my extended family and have several hobbies, lurk on various newsgroups, and am very knowedgable about computer stuff. I own a two main computers, including a AMD Sempron desktop and an IBM Thinkpad laptop. I have a number of other machines in various states of functionallity.

I have learned to speak a little Klingon and invented a couple of heavy duty snacks: Klingon Treats and Betazoid Treats.

I am fairly easy to contact, alhough a prefer to be E-Mailed at heller@deepsoft.com.