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Coming Soon

I am about to build a pair of demo Model Railroad layout modules:

  1. A 2’x6′ N scale oval layout, with a pair of passing sidings. This layout is designed to run two trains in opposite directions. It will be automated using a computer (using parts of the Model Railroad System), using modules from Azatrax to sense and control the layout.

  2. A 2′ x 8′ HO scale switching layout. This layout will have a switch ladder going up the middle and will have a push-pull commuter train going across the yard. The commuter train will be computer controlled and a switcher will be manually controlled. Both trains will be DCC and a PI engineering Rail Driver will be used as the throttle and control device for the ‘hand thrown’ yard turnouts and electro-magnetic uncoupling ramps. Where the main line crosses through the yard will be a CTC controlled interlocking plant with the computer acting as the dispatcher. Again Azatrax’s USB modules will be used to sense trains and control turnouts, signals, etc. The DCC will be via a Lenz command station/booster, controlled by a LI101F via a USB-to-RS232 interface device.

Watch this page for updates.

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