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PHP and WordPress Plugins

I have recently been writing some WordPress plugins. It has been an
interesting experience. Not terribly hard. I’ve now written three
plugins. One implements a database table for Google Affiliate Network
advertisements and implements "sidebar" widgets to display
them. Another implements a pair of database tables that implement the
season schedule and open mic schedule for the Wendell Full Moon
Coffeehouse, along with short codes to implement a schedule and open
mic list page (with sign up). The third is a back-end only plugin that
implements an artist and beneficiary database for the Wendell Full Moon

PHP is an interesting scripting language. It is a rather simple
language and is very much like JavaScript, which in turn is sort of
like Java or C. That is, PHP is a free-format, "Algol"
flavored language. I’m still learning it (I really need to get a PHP
reference book one of these days). WordPress provides a pretty useful
library of API functions for various sorts of plugin functionality. I
was able to write these plugins quickly and with little trouble.

At this point I have "unleashed" the Google Affiliate
Network (GAN) plugin upon the ‘net. It is available for download at
https://www.deepsoft.com/GAN, should anyone be interested in it. The
other two plugins are fairly special purpose and may never be released
for general use, but please let me know if you have a performance venue
that benefits non-profit organizations and also have a WordPress site.
I am sure I could modify either or both of the Wendell Full Moon
Coffeehouse plugins to suit your site.