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Notes on Finishing AMTRAK #486

Roof and chassis:
Engine Black
Other body:
Platinum Mist
Third Rail Pickups:
Third Rail electrical boxes and wiring:
Grimmy Black.
(I also used Grimmy Black for the louvers and the grill under the HEP generator’s fans.)
Cigar Band:
AMTRAK Phase III stripes and the word "Amtrak"
(I used some leftovers from some MicroScale decals for AMTRAK Phase III passenger car decal sets.
I applied the decal stripes over the pre-painted louvers and portholes and when the decals were dry, cut out the portholes and louvers.
The numbers are from Champ’s AMTRAK diesels decals (black letters, late Phase I) — this is what the local hobby store had in stock.