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On The Bench Now

For new (current) projects visit the What’s on the bench category.
Old projects:

  • 06-23-2005: Pictures of some of the buildings built for
    Counterweight City.

    1. The 8 Ball Club’s animated sign:

      8 Ball Club - 88 Ball Club - 8 BALL 8 Ball Club - 8 BALL Club8 Ball Club - 8 BALL Club, w/ cue stick8 Ball Club - 8 BALL Club, w/ cue stick and arrow

    2. The High Street Hotel:

      High Street Hotel Front

    3. The CCTA Bus and Trolley barn:

      CCTA Barn FrontCCTA Barn Back

  • 05-09-2005: Work has started on a new module of the
    Library Junction & Bench Station: Counterweight City. The basic benchwork is mostly completed. Mark Stewart and I need to get some insulation foam and some 1/4 inch birch plywood from Home Depot to finish things. I have most of the other stuff I need.