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For Sale: Small Trailer

Posted July 18, 2013 By RobertHeller

For Sale: Small Bicycle or Tricycle trailer I’m selling my homemade trailer (I have ordered a new one from BikesAtWork.com, arrived yesterday). This trailer comes with its own hitch, which is meant to clamp to the rear fork of a recumbent tadpole trike (specifically my TerraTrike Cruiser), but it should clamp to the chainstay of […]

For Sale: 3 Knobby BMX type cycle tires, 20×1.75

Posted April 9, 2013 By RobertHeller

It is spring and just how are the tires on your BMX rig? Flat? Have they gone off and acquired a religious vocation? If so, I have three only slightly worn tires that should get you up to speed and getting big air in no time. I have three Knobby BMX Michelin Mambo, 20×1.75 tires. […]