Services available from Deepwoods Software: Software packages available from Deepwoods Software:
  • Custom computer software and contract programming services. Deepwoods Software can provide custom software programming services for your business. A skilled software engineer will design and write the custom software you need.
  • Linux installation or administration help. Servers, desktops, laptops. Deepwoods Software can show you how to use Linux. We can install and administer your Linux system and be your system administrator.
  • Web hosting services, with many FREE extra services, including WordPress installation. Deepwoods Software offers economical web hosting services for business people, musicans, and artists. With personal techical support services and many extra features, including virtual E-Mail forwarding.
  • Get a FREE Consultation and determine your needs.
  • Home Librarian is available as a FREE download!. Create a library catalogue of your collection of books, magazines, CDs and DVDs.
  • Model Railroad System is also available as a FREE download!. The Model Railroad System helps you with all aspects of model railroading.
  • Role Playing Database V2 w/ Donna’s Body Shop is available as a $5 CD, with FREE Shipping!. Version 3.0 Beta is available as a free download. With the Role Playing Database you can replace your "messy" notebook with a USB thumb drive. It provides access to all the people, places, and things in your role playing world on any computer.
  • Other Odds and Ends available as FREE downloads!
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Check out our sister site: The Country Robot, which is dedicated to our hardware side.