Stuff I know about

Programming Languages:

  • BASIC (who doesn’t?)
  • FORTRAN (yeah, I’ve even used it)
  • APL (a small amount)
  • COBOL (I’ve written one COBOL program)
  • SNOBOL (one of my favorite languages)
  • LISP (another favorite language)
  • Pascal (I know it, but hate it)
  • C (of course)
  • C++ (the wave of the future)
  • Asssembly language for:
    • 6502
    • VAX
    • 68000
    • CDC Cyber (some)
    • 8008 (useless at this point)
    • 8048 & 8051 (not quite useless)
  • Several shell languages:
    • tcsh and bash (neither very well)
    • tcl (getting quite good at this one)
    • DCL (used to be very good at this one, but am somewhat rustly now)

Operating Systems I have used:

  • DTSS
  • XVM DOS (PDP-15)
  • KRONOS/NOS (CDC Cyber)
  • VAX/VMS (one of the best O/Ss)
  • UNIX (several flavors) and Linux (Slackware and RedHat)
  • OS-9/68000 (another one of the best O/Ss)
  • CP/M-68K — a 68000 version of CP/M 2.2
  • Apple DOS
  • ProDos
  • TI Explorer System (runs on TI Explorer LISP Machines)
  • p-System (gag me with a spoon)

Other random knowedge

I use LaTeX for document preparation. I use MicroEmacs (3.10) as my editor (I hate GNUEmacs) (I used MINCE under CP/M-68K box). I use gcc/g++ to compile C and C++. I know X11 and the Athena and Motif widget sets, but I no longer code GUIs in C or C++ — I use Tcl/Tk instead. I have used XDesigner (don’t like it), and xf (very nice). I’ve used KBVISION (but don’t really like it) and KHOROS (very nice). I helped write LLVS (but it is no longer used — the CVRL has moved away from VAX/VMS). I also helped write ISR2 and the new ISR3.2, esp. the xisrdisplay program we use to display ISR3.2 data.

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