Screen shots of the Model Railroad System. Visit the Download page and download a copy today!

AnyDistance Screen Shot

AnyDistance Screen Shot

Screen shots of the Dispatcher program. This program aids in the creation of dispatcher and "tower" control panels. These panels contain trackwork in schematic form above a panel of control levers, buttons, and indicator lights. These control panels are actually Tcl/Tk programs that make use of several libraries in both Tcl and C++ to display and remotely operate switches (turnouts) and trackside signals, allowing displatchers and tower operators to control train movement.

Screen shot of the Freight Car Forwarder program (version 2) after running trains using the Chesapeake System data set. This program generates switch lists for simulated freight car forwarding. These switch lists can be printed out and used to add realistic operations to your model railroad.

Screen shot of the Time Table program (version 2) with the time table for the Library Junction and Bench Station Railroad loaded. This program helps you create employee time tables for your model railroad. The employee time tables can then be printed out, after being formatted by the LaTeX system

Screen shot of the Resistor program. This program calculates dropping resistor values.

Screen shots of the Camera programs, Closest and AnyDistance. These programs calculate camera view angles and effective fields of view. They can be used to calculate the proper distance to take pictures for backdrops and for extrapolating the sizes of prototype equipment, buildings, and scenery, given known camera distance and lens characteristics.