This is the documentation for the Deepwoods Software Toolbar extension for Firefox.


1 Introduction

The Deepwoods Software Toolbar for Firefox provides regular visitors and customers of Deepwoods Software with a set of quick and easy access to Deepwoods Software information and services, using a handy toolbar.

2 Useful Shortcuts to Deepwoods Software Pages

The main menu at the left end of the toolbar contains buttons that link to some of the more important pages on the Deepwoods Software web site:

Toolbar Preferences
This menu item opens a preferences dialog for the Deepwoods Software Toolbar. See Section 5 for more information.
This menu item opens the main index pages of the Deepwoods Software Website.
This menu item opens the consultation form page and is useful for quickly sending a consultation request to Deepwoods Software.
This menu item opens the support request form page and is particularly useful for Deepwoods Software customers seeking customer support.
This menu item opens the contact information page for Deepwoods Software. All of Deepwoods Software contact information is ready to hand.
Toolbar Help
This menu item opens the documentation page for this toolbar.

3 Searching Deepwoods Software’s Website

Next to the main menu, is a search entry, with a history of searches. This search is specific to the Deepwoods Software website and can be used to quickly search for information on the Deepwoods Software website.

4 Searching your website

There is an additional (optional) button that provides a way to search your own website. See Section 5 for setting the values used for this button.

5 Preferences Settings

There are five preference settings:

  1. Maximum search history length. This setting limits the size of the search terms history. Setting it to zero (0) lets the search terms history to grow indefinately.
  2. Shortcut target. This is the target window to use for the Deepwoods Software shortcut menu items. An empty value means the current window, otherwise it is a window name (blank means always popup a new window).
  3. Enable site searching. This check box enables or disables site searching. If enabled, the following two options are also enabled and if disabled, the following two options are disabled.
  4. Name of site to search. This is the name to use as the button label for site searching.
  5. URL of site to search. This is the web address of the site to search (leave off the “http://’).

6 Credits

The Deepwoods Software toolbar for FireFox was written by Robert Heller, the proprietor of Deepwoods Software. Robert Heller can be contacted by E-Mail at mailto:heller@deepsoft.com.

7 Version History

Tue Sep 16 09:15:54 2008

Version 0.2.2 Released.

Updated install.rdf file for Firefox 3.0.

Mon Jun 18 15:17:35 2007

Version 0.2.1 Released.

Fixed bug in DeepwoodsTBguirender() relating to improper menu


Sun Jun 17 09:36:24 2007

Version 0.2 Released.

Changed site and Webalizer Stats buttons to menus, to allow

multiple sites.

Added mailman mailist menu.

Updated preferences.

ToDo: update Documentation!

Thu Jun 14 12:45:22 2007

Version 0.1pre2d Released.

Fourth 0.2 release candidate:

Added Webalizer Stats button.

Improved the look of the dialog boxes.

Fixed update.rdf generation.

Tue Jun 12 18:08:00 2007

Version 0.1pre2c Released.

Third 0.2 release candidate:

Add About dialog.

Mon Jun 11 18:07:34 2007

Version 0.1pre2b Released.

Second 0.2 release candidate:

Adds preferences dialog and allows for a user activated

site search button.

Sun Jun 10 22:03:00 2007

Version 0.1pre2a Released

First 0.2 release candidate:

Fixes improper search URL.

Makes search history persistent.

Sat Jun  9 18:56:00 2007

Version 0.1 Released.

Initial release.