• The Model Railroad System, a collection of programs and libraries to help you build and operate your Model Railroad. This includes Deepwoods Software’s LCC library and programs, plus libraries for C/MRI, CTI (Trainbrain), Azatrax’s USB boards, and a XpressNet library. Also programs for time tables, dispatching, and freight car forwarding, and more.Dispatcher Example 2 Screen Shot

    Now available: A new Release: Version 2.2.0 currently available.

  • The Country Robot, Deepwoods Software’s Hardware site, featuring DIY circuits for model railroad operations and automation. This includes several quad stall motor driver boards for various microprocessor boards.ESP32QuadSMCSense1

    Coming soon: An ESP32-based LCC board to manage 1/2 of a siding, possibly in the form of a kit. More information here.

  • Train shaped USB thumb drives, for storing all of your important data in a form factor every railroad modeler or railfan would love to own. You to can have your own little train(s) holding 8 gigs of pictures, sounds, and videos of trains. And they include a copy of the current release of the Model Railroad System and a snapshot of the GitHub repository of the DIY circuit boards and firmware Deepwoods Software and The Country Robot have developed for model railroads.Steam locomotive shape USB drive

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