The How Tos of Setting Up a Web Presence For Your Business or Organization
Cheaply, Reliably, Effectively
Tuesday, May 18, 2010
at the Wendell Free Library

This workshop will cover the basic things you need to do to get a website up for your business or organization. Topics covered include: What a website can do for you, what a domain name is and how to register it, how to intelligently shop for a web hosting service, and low-cost options for building a good looking and smoothly working website. The workshop will cover the step-by-step process of setting up a website for a small business or small organization. If you are interested getting your small business or small organization a web presence, this is a workshop you will want to attend.

This workshop will be given by Robert Heller. Robert Heller is the owner of Deepwoods Software. Robert worked for the Computer Vision Research Research Lab. in the Computer Science Dept. at UMass/Amherst for over 25 years. While at UMass, Robert managed a number of UNIX and Linux systems, including the CVRL’s web server. Robert is also the Linux Guru who keeps the Wendell Free Library’s computers up and running.

Downloadable Workshop materials: