• Custom Linux software.
  • Custom CGI scripts.
  • Install and configure Linux software.
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  • Deepwoods Software can write a program to your specifications, in C or C++, with a cross-platform GUI written in Tcl/Tk. We can translate old legacy code to modern languages and operating systems. We can write Tcl glue code, with or without a cross-platform GUI, for existing C or C++ code modules. We can help with software migration projects. We have extensive experience with academic research projects, so if your research is bogging down due to the need to develop support software, Deepwoods Software can help you out by writing the support software so you can concentrate on your research.

    Deepwoods Software can write a Tcl-based CGI script for your web site. Shopping carts, Surveys, Guest-books, and Database driven web sites. We can work with your web designer to transparently integrate the scripts seamlessly into an existing web site.

    Deepwoods Software can also write custom PHP code, including custom WordPress plugins, to serve many special needs.

    Deepwoods Software can adapt an existing program to suit your needs. We can customize a piece of open source software to handle your special needs. We can help you through the morass of "Dependency Hell" and help with getting a piece of software properly installed and configured.

    Tell us what you need to accomplish and we’ll provide a risk free estimate of the job. If we can’t help you, we will point you in the direction of someone who can, at no extra cost! Deepwoods Software is located in Wendell, Massachusetts, in eastern Franklin County / North Quabbin region. We can easily come down into the Pioneer Valley to any of the Five Colleges and help you out with an academic research project.

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