Deepwoods Software can do IT!

Do you need a special piece of Linux or UNIX software?

Sometimes you need your computer to perform some very special task, some "one of" job, which is not something a commonly available (commodity) software package can do. Either it is for a special research project or some other unique situation. Deepwoods Software can write that special piece of software. We can write it in C or C++ and create a cross-platform Tcl/Tk GUI front end. We can convert old legacy programs to run on a modern operating system, create Tcl GUI or CGI front ends for existing software programs that lack such a user-friendly interface.

… Deepwoods Software can provide you with custom software programming services.
Do you need a web site?

Many people, organizations, and businesses can use a "web presence". A web site provides individuals, organizations, and businesses with a "place" to publish their ideas and views or display their products and services. Deepwoods Software can host your web site and help you find a web designer. We can design CGI scripts to provide dynamic content and access to a database server with a place to store your virtual catalog.

… Deepwoods Software can provide you with economical web hosting services.
Do you need someone to install or administer a Linux system?

Deepwoods Software can help you set-up and manage a Linux or UNIX server, desktop/workstation, or laptop. We specialize in RedHat Linux, including RedHat Enterprise Linux and the GPL releases (White Box Linux and CentOS). Whether you just want to move away from endless problems with MS-Windows or if you need a reliable server set up for your business or organization, Deepwoods Software can help. We can make an on-site visit in eastern Franklin County or the North Quabbin area of Western Massachusetts.

… Deepwoods Software can install or administer Linux on your system.
Would your organization or group in eastern Franklin County or the North Quabbin area of Western Massachusetts be interested in a workshop on an information technology subject?

Deepwoods Software can present a workshop on a variety of information technology subjects. Such subjects include the howtos of setting up a web presence, Linux administration, or computer programming subjects.

…Deepwoods Software can present it.
Are you a model railroader who is looking for help adding automation and control features to your layout?

Deepwoods Software can help you use LCC to help you make your model railroad come alive with remotely activiated turnouts, automatic block signals, dispatching, and more.

…Deepwoods Software can consult with you to help you achieve your model railroad automation and control goals.