Deepwoods Software can do IT!

Do you need a special piece of Linux or UNIX software?

Sometimes you need your computer to perform some very special task, some "one of" job, which is not something a commonly available (commodity) software package can do. Either it is for a special research project or some other unique situation. Deepwoods Software can write that special piece of software. We can write it in C or C++ and create a cross-platform Tcl/Tk GUI front end. We can convert old legacy programs to run on a modern operating system, create Tcl GUI or CGI front ends for existing software programs that lack such a user-friendly interface.

… Deepwoods Software can provide you with custom software programming services.
Do you need a web site?

Many people, organizations, and businesses can use a "web presence". A web site provides individuals, organizations, and businesses with a "place" to publish their ideas and views or display their products and services. Deepwoods Software can host your web site and help you find a web designer. We can design CGI scripts to provide dynamic content and access to a database server with a place to store your virtual catalog.

… Deepwoods Software can provide you with economical web hosting services.
Do you need someone to install or administer a Linux system?

Deepwoods Software can help you set-up and manage a Linux or UNIX server, desktop/workstation, or laptop. We specialize in RedHat Linux, including RedHat Enterprise Linux and the GPL releases (White Box Linux and CentOS). Whether you just want to move away from endless problems with MS-Windows or if you need a reliable server set up for your business or organization, Deepwoods Software can help. We can make an on-site visit in eastern Franklin County or the North Quabbin area of Western Massachusetts.

… Deepwoods Software can install or administer Linux on your system.
Would your organization or group in eastern Franklin County or the North Quabbin area of Western Massachusetts be interested in a workshop on an information technology subject?

Deepwoods software can present a workshop on a variety of information technology subjects. Such subjects include the howtos of setting up a web presence, Linux administration, or computer programming subjects.

…Deepwoods Software can present it.