I am looking for someone to take over this plugin. I don’t have the time, energy, or interest in maintaining it at this point. It is currently a "closed" plugin in the WP plugin repo. It is also up on github. If you are interested in taking over maintaining this plugin, please contact me.

This is a WordPress plugin that implements a complete, full featured library management system, including managing the collection database, searching and viewing the collection, managing patrons (users) of the library, and circulation (lending services). It is available under the GPL (Gnu Public License) and has been released as a beta test. Feedback is welcome. The package includes a complete, illustrated user manual.

This plugin was originally intended as a simple collection database and circulation system for a small public library to be used as an interim system. It can be used with either an Intranet (in house / local network) or a public facing Internet web server with WordPress installed, where patrons (users) would use the front-end for searching the library’s catalog and the library staff would use the back-end to handle things like collection and user management and circulation. This plugin would be idea for a school, church, or small college library. Or even a small public library. All of the features for such an system are included.

Update: The plugin has been updated to handle Amazon’s new API requirements. There is a new option Associate Tag, which is your Amazon affiliate associate tag. You will need to sign up as an Amazon affiliate to get an Amazon affiliate associate tag and then enter it on the Web Librarian options page.

Update: The plugin has been updated to have better error handling for AWS requests and the options page has been updated to check for missing option values.

The Web Librarian is available through the WordPress plugin repository here.

The Web Librarian is also available on GitHub.