Deepwoods Software has the software for you!

Deepwoods Software provides several open source software packages. All of this software is available free of charge and includes the source code. If you find these programs useful, please consider making a donation to Deepwoods Software or getting something from Deepwoods Software’s Amazon Wish List. Thanks!

Do you play table top role playing games?

If you play table-top role playing games, Deepwoods Software has a software product that you might find very useful. The Role Playing DB can help you keep your role playing worlds organized, with all of the information about your players, monsters, tricks, traps, treasues, and spells available on your computer screen.

… The Role Playing Database can help you stay organized.

Do you have a large collection of books, CDs, or DVDs?

Deepwoods Software also has a product for people with large home libraries of books, records, CDs, videos, and DVDs. You can use the Home Librarian to create a virtual card catalog of your collection of books, records, CDs, videos, and DVDs and other such materials.

… The Home Librarian can help you catalog it.

Do you have a model railroad empire?

Deepwoods Software is also developing a software package of special interest to Model Railroaders. The Model Railroad System can help you with operating your railroad, from operating switches and signals, running locomotives, creating time tables, and forwarding freight.

… The Model Railroad System can help you run it.

Do you use Google Adsense on your web site?

Deepwoods Software also uses Google Adsense and has written some programs to display some of the reports that Google makes available as CSV files in a graphical manor. With these Google Adsense report graphs it is possible to make better sense of these reports.

Would you like to enhance your wardrobe or have a conspicuously bare car bumper?

Deepwoods software also sells shirts and bumper stickers on!

… Get yours today.