Unclassified snippets of software: source code that does not fit elsewhere.

This is a collection of not otherwise classifiable programming projects that are available on an as is basis. Feel free to download them and check them out.

TkSessionManager: A simple X11 Launcher with integrated electronic notepad.

The TkSessionManager program is a simple but essentially complete program launcher application that includes an "electronic notepad", which is just a text area where text can be pasted, typed, or used to collect the output of a program run at the command line. This text area can be saved to a text file or sent to a printer.

The TkSessionManager program implements a launcher menu that is fully user customizable. There is an integrated editor to edit the launcher menu or the menu file can be edited with a standard text editor. This menu can be defined to have sub-menus (cascading menus) and there is no defined limit controlling the depth of the sub-menus. The program
includes an actions menu for system wide actions. It starts a user-specified window manager and runs a session start up script to launch a user-defined set of initial applications.

FacebookTcl: A port of the Facebook API to Tcl (layered on Don Libes’s cgi.tcl).

This is a port of Facebook’s API that I translated from php to Tcl, using SNIT as the OO framework and using Don Libes’s cgi.tcl package to implement the low-level CGI/HTML layer. The API has been lightly tested by using it for a simple Facebook application that I wrote.

The source archive comes with documentation and a trivial application.

DirectMailTk: Print address labels for direct mail marketing

This is a quick and simple program that uses a SQL (RDMS) database for addresses used in a direct mail advertising compaign.

Fish tank program/game in Tcl/Tk

This is a quick and simple program that illustrates using Tcl/Tk to create a animated display involving fish in a tank.

LaTeX Invoice class

A simple LaTeX class for invoices / packing lists

Mylex RAID controller user interface

This is a simple user interface (CLI and GUI) to the Linux driver for the Mylex DAC960/AcceleRAID/eXtremeRAID PCI RAID Controllers.

NetTrafficGraph: Network Traffic Graph program coded in Tcl/Tk

Simple net traffic graphing program

TkBattery: ACPI Laptop battery monitor program in Tcl/Tk

Simple Tcl/Tk program for monitoring ACPI Laptop batteries

TclChat: Tcl coded Chat program

Quick and simple chat program written in Tcl/Tk

TkNews: the E-Mail/News client I wrote and use.

TkRp3: PPP dialer program, written in Tcl/Tk

Simple clone of RP3 written in Tcl/Tk

TrikeTrips: DB Front end for managing triking trips.

A simple GUI front end for a SQL (RDBMS) for keeping track of your travels by trike or bike.

HTML Help: A Tcl/Tk HTML Help popup widget.

This is a basic, pure-Tcl HTML Help popup widget. I use it in various GUI programs, including the Model Railroad System.