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Date addedMay 15, 2012
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CategoryModel Railroad System
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short-descriptionMS-Windows Readme

Removed an errant assert from the FCF Support code.

Updated documentation:
Wrote a simple mode Dispatcher tutorial.
Added private and protected sections to BWidget and SNIT classes.
(Neither BWidget nor SNIT actually have private or protected
members, but there are members that should be consided
private or protected.)
Added package and library version numbers to all API documentation.
Various other minor documentation fixes.

Removed old code directories (Time Table V1 and Freight Car Forwarder

Wrote pure Tcl (cross-platform) versions of the C/MRI and XPressNet
libraries and started on a pure Tcl (cross-platform) library for NCE’s
cab bus. (A pure Tcl (cross-platform) library for LocoNet is in the
works.) The C++ coded versions of the C/MRI and XPressNet libraries
will be phased out and will be deleted from the source tree in another
couple of release cycles. The whole system will be 100% all-platform,
with all code compiling and running on all platforms.

Wrote a pure Tcl (cross-platform) version of the Raildriver Daemon
and created a cross-platform Tcl loadable module for the low-level
Raildriver IO class. This daemon exists for MS-Windows now, but is
not yet set up to auto run on hotplugging a Raildriver on MS-Windows.

Cleaned up parts of the build code and did some general house-cleaning.