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Date addedJune 7, 2021
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CategoryModel Railroad System, Model Railroad System DVD ISO, Model Railroad System Miscellaneous
Tagsarm32, arm64, binaries, cd-rom iso, chesapeake system, data, development, documentation, freight car forwarder, i386 linux, library junction and bench station, md5 sums, model railroad, model railroad system, source, x86_64 linux
  • Updated the README. Removed outdated Readme and build infrastructure files.

  • Add bin bundles, minor build infrastructure updates.

  • Update for Doxygen 1.8.13 and workaround for 1.8.17.

  • Update for Tcl 8.6, remove MS-Windows and MacOSX build infrasturure from

  • Change styling of toolbar buttons.

  • Add use, copy, and paste buttons to events.

  • Minor build problem fixed.

  • Fix Minor Build Infrastructure problem.

  • Add LinuxGpio build infrastructure.