Release Candidate 1 of the 2.1.40 Release of the Model Railroad System is now available

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Deepwoods Software is pleased to make available the first release candidate of the 2.1.40 release of the Model Railroad System. This release contains a number of bug fixes, feature enhancements, and documentation updates, including:

Tue Mar 28 17:00:29 2017 (Release Candidate 1)

  • Dispatcher documentation updates. Updates to reference docs, added LCC tutorial.
  • OpenLCB_Logic and OpenLCB_TrackCircuits documentation updates.
  • OpenLCB Daemon user documentation updates.
  • Update Introduction to reference the OpenLCB chapters and to clean up some of the text.
  • Documentation updates (ConfigurationEditor.tcl).
  • Add -state option to edit cascades in CTCPanelWindow.tcl.
  • Add in Edit Context menus in Dispatcher (CTCPanelWindow.tcl) and LCC Configuration Editors to allow copy/paste between using pointer menu interactions.
  • Add View Controls dialog to Dispatcher.
  • Added support for Signal, Sensor, and Control XtrackCAD elements (ParserClasses).
  • Fix small binding bug in Dialog (snitdialog.tcl).
  • Add and complete Emit logic in both the C++ and Tcl code (ParserClasses).
  • Fix FindNode Dialog bug (leftovers from BWidget) (Dispatcher).
  • Fix weirdness with bad edge counts: prevent duplicate edges in the compressed graph ( and handle terminal compressed nodes (TrackGraph.tcl).
  • Small bug in displaySwitchMotorInfo::initializetopframe fixed (NodeGraphCanvas.tcl).
  • Handle LCC event IDs from XtrackCad (Dispatcher).
  • Handle “Orphan” track nodes (track with no connections to other track) (Dispatcher).
  • Add CSV export functions for ConfigurationEditor.tcl.
  • Add PDF and XML export functions for ConfigurationEditor.tcl.
  • Implement Print/Export: text version (ConfigurationEditor.tcl).
  • Add missing tab and tabs methods in snitScrollNotebook.tcl.
  • Add OpenLCB Logic to Info context menu function in CTCPanelWindow.tcl.
  • Complete frame removal after frame forget (CTCPanelWindow.tcl, OpenLCB_*.tcl).
  • Wrap grid forget with a catch in snitScrollNotebook.tcl.
  • Add in -name and -description options to ConnectToOpenLCB call (CTCPanelWindow.tcl).
  • Add VerifyNodeID to populate NID Alias maps (OpenLCBCode.tcl, OpenLCB_*.tcl).
  • OpenLCB_Logic updates (attempting to match Tower-LCC logic block functionality).
  • Assorted bug fixes in OpenLCB_Logic (Mast and Ladder logic).
  • Assorted bug fixes to OpenLCB_Logic.tcl.
  • Fixed numerous bugs in OpenLCB_Logic.tcl.
  • Minor bullet proofing of CDI protocol handling.
  • Add LCCNodeTree.tcl to library files installed for LCC/OpenLCB package.
  • Clean up menu on Node Tree window.
  • Separate out Node Tree Widget.
  • Add OpenLCB functionality to OpenLCB CTC Panels.
  • CanMessage constructor bug: not handling the case of neither -data or -length properly — fixed!
  • Build fixes: Fix broken AM_GNU_GETTEXT macro under MacOSX; make sure build scripts are executable.

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