Deepwoods Software anounces the release of Version 2.1.28 of the Model Railroad System.

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Deepwoods Software is pleased to announce the release of version 2.1.28 of the Model Railroad System. This package includes a collection of libraries and programs designed to help the modeler with many of the more tedius aspects of his or her hobby. Included are libraries for communication with Chubb and Lenz XPressNet networks, a user-mode driver for the Rail Driver control console, a library to parse XTrkCAD layout files, as well as utilities for computing dropping resistors, camera view areas, creating railroad time tables, and a switch-list based freight car forwarder system. There are several updates in this release:

  • Fixed a problem with ReadStations, that caused a Segmentation Fault when generating reports. ReadStations was allowing the use of 1 as a station index, even though station index 1 is reserved for the Workbench station (which has one industry, the Repair Yard). ReadStations has now been fixed to disallow a station index 1 and the Station accessor for the Industry object now has an assert() to cause a more useful error message in the future. See Bug #2 at for details.

  • Internationalized the code. All of the C++ and Tcl code how has all messages and labels (buttons, menus, etc.) internationalized. Currently the only language defined is American English, but translators are welcome to go through the POT files (available as part of the development packages) and produce translations.

  • Updated the RPM spec file to include a vendor definition.

More information, including download links, is available at our web site:

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