New Software Releases in the works

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Coming in the next week or so are new releases of the Model Railroad System (2.1.25), Role Playing DB (3.0.2), and Home Librarian (3.0b3). The Role Playing DB will include a 64 bit Linux version. The Home Librarian system is stuck with a 32-bit Linux, since I don’t have 64-bit binaries of the snodbc libraries. Expect these releases by July 1 (probably sooner). I done a rash of bug squashing and some build updates as well.

Amoungst the bugs squashed: missing C++ namespace on types (causing SWIG to mistype some arguments) in the Model Railroad System. With the Role Playing DB it is mostly adding in the 64-bit linux release and some system build updates. With the Home Librarian just some build updates. I might do some documentation updates with both the Role Playing DB and the Home Librarian system, if there is time before my July 1st release deadline.

Stay Tuned to this channel for more information.