The Model Railroad System Software package is available FREE of charge.

The current version of the software package is 2.1.41, dated August 11, 2017.

  • Add TclSocketCAN code

  • Add CAN Socket I/O to LCC Scripts

  • Add CAN Socket I/O to Dispatcher

  • Add -can options to OpenLCBGCTcpHub, fix copy paste bugs in LCC

  • Fix Looping Issue in LCCNodeTree.tcl (I am fine, how are you? loop ) .

  • Update API Docs.

  • Add lowlevel support for the MCP23008 and MCP23017.

  • Deal with broken wiring pi include files.

  • Add in OpenLCB_PiMCP23008 and OpenLCB_PiMCP23017 Daemons.

  • Made OpenLCBMessage more robust: allow missing sourcenid.

  • Made OpenLCBGCTcpHub more robust: check for missing destinations and broken pipes.

  • Add -log option to all of the OpenLCB daemons.

  • Remove reference to unused GPIOCMD

  • Add OpenLCB_PiSPIMax7221 (untested)

  • Add typemaps to sanely handle wiringPiSPIDataRW’s data arg from Tcl.

  • Added CMRI_Slave. Not tested!

  • Small typo in nce.tcl

  • Add OpenLCB_PiMCP23017_signal.

  • Fix silly bug in CTCPanelWindow: -heads cannot have a default of 0 — changed to 1.

  • Fix silly bug in CTCPanelWindow: misspelled method: _deleteaspect => _deleteAspect.

  • Add Event Report (when -openlcbmode true) to CTCPanelWindow.tcl

  • Constrain the overall node description and name to what is in the tag.

  • Add debug code to LCCNodeTree.tcl

  • Add code to make sure manually entered events are processed by the local node: add -localeventhandler opt to eventDialogs, and add _typemethod _localeventhandler to OpenLCBCode.tcl (Dispatcher).

  • Fix “then” logic in OpenLCB_Logic (pass the trigering event through logic eval).

  • Separate out a separate Save menu item for all of the OpenLCB_ configurator programs.

  • Change -softwaremodel option in OpenLCB_PiMCP23017_signal to correctly reflect the softwaremodel.

  • Add code to handle initial state.

  • Further refinements of OpenLCB_Logic.

  • Event Report problems fixed: handle Lamp events correctly, proper event sorting, proper localization string in page heading.

  • Upgrade Linuxarmv7l version of Img from 1.3 to 1.4.

  • Remove extrainious double quote mark in Doxyfiles.

  • Add missing po subdir.

  • Add missing CLEANFILES element.

  • Cleanup file lists (remove dups.) in

  • Fix assorted Doxygen warnings.

  • Fix minor compiler warnings.

  • Add hid.c to BUILT_SOURCES (Raildriver).

  • Add systemd / udev code for RailDriver hotplug.

Download the complete ChangeLog.

Source Downloads

  • Complete System Source; compressed tar. Uses the standard set of build utilities: autoconf, automake, libtool, etc. for most systems, building should be just a matter of "./configure && make && make install".
    32 MB Download “MRRSystem-2.1.41.tar.gz”Download
  • Complete System Source; zip archive. Uses the standard set of build utilities: autoconf, automake, libtool, etc. for most systems, building should be just a matter of "./configure && make && make install".
    33 MB Download “”Download

Miscellaneous Downloads

MS-Windows Downloads

These are cross-built for 32-bit MS-Windows and should run on modern 64-bit MS-Windows systems.

Linux Downloads

I have built the system for various "flavors" of Linux. My main development system runs CentOS 5 at present, so the base builds are built under that environment, but I have VMs for other Linux distros.

Generic 32-bit Downloads

Generic 64-bit Downloads

Other Linux Downloads

Other Linux binaries are available from the FTP and HTTP download sites. There are RPMs for RHEL 6, generic binaries for ARMV7l in the main directory (built on a Raspberry Pi running Raspbian), and there are sub-directories for Ubuntu and Raspbian.

MacOSX Downloads

Model Railroad System merchandise

And yes, there are things you can spend money on (which helps keep the programming gremlin fed, which means he can spend time making improvements to the system).